Q4 2021 Price Update

 We have some changes that will take effect on November 1st, 2021.

On the Classic side of things, we are changing colors and moving to a webbing that is 13/16 wide compared to the previous 7/8" wide. The hardware we use works better with this webbing size but the quality, tensile strength and feel are all unaffected. The retired colors are Laurel, Pacific Blue, Brick and Granite. They will be replaced with three bold colors that respect the Classic line's namesake: Black, Blue and Red. 

The Pro line remains at 1" wide and will not be changing colors at this time, but we are excited to re-introduce our Buckle Martingale collar! This is an outstanding option for dogs that struggle with sliding a collar over their head but respond well to the martingale collar itself.

The majority of products across both lines will receive a price adjustment. We have not updated our pricing in over 5 years and we have done everything we can to hold off on updating our pricing this year as well. Unfortunately we are not immune to the raw material prices that have affected so many other businesses in our industry.

We remain committed to you and to our customers across the globe. We have not compromised on material quality, sourcing or providing a living wage to our employees. Our products are still 100% US sourced, pulled straight from the rock climbing community